Too Much Music

Art vs. Pop Music Smackdown - Pt. 1

June 04, 2023 Season 2 Episode 1
Too Much Music
Art vs. Pop Music Smackdown - Pt. 1
Show Notes

The first sign that the Wilder marriage might be in trouble happened before the wedding: it was a knock-down, drag-out fight about whether there's a fundamental difference between music in the European art music tradition and music in the American blues tradition. (We can all agree that this is a severely nerdy topic to fight about.)

Eventually, after years of testy conversation, Alison conceded on this one -- Greg and Alison now agree, they're different. But how?

This two (maybe three?!)-part episode delves into the specific traits and characteristics that make art music and pop music different from each other.  Part one focuses on the musical characteristics, while part two will dive into culturally-driven differences.

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