Too Much Music

Two Nerds Talk About What Music is Worth

February 04, 2022 Alison Wilder Season 1 Episode 2
Too Much Music
Two Nerds Talk About What Music is Worth
Show Notes

It's official: the internet has been a game-changer for music. Alison and Greg dive into how music is and isn't valuable today, both monetarily and culturally.

As usual, their conversation is far-reaching. They talk about the usual suspects: Spotify, major labels, Napster, machine learning algorithms, and music for media. Of course, it doesn't stop there. You'll also hear about the desensitization of listeners by reality TV danger music, the Faustian deal we make as musicians, the sheer brilliance and stupidity of Hans Zimmer's music, making beats for Drake, Lawrence Kramer's defense of classical music as still relevant, and music's current value as your mood for sale.

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