Too Much Music

To Music School, or Not to Music School?

January 21, 2022 Season 1 Episode 1
Too Much Music
To Music School, or Not to Music School?
Show Notes

Greg and Alison want to tell you why you should (or shouldn't) go to music school. In this episode, they explore what it's like to take a traditional path through music school, including how music school might be beneficial or detrimental depending on your own musical goals.

It's a magical mystery tour through a diverse set of of topics, including  the differences between composers and songwriters, learning how to music on YouTube, Greg's mentor George Rochberg, the creative process in general, Stephen King, Thom Yorke, start-ups, Vangelis, musical embodiment, why Modest Mouse kinda sucks, and production music libraries.

Greg is a Doctor of Music in piano and composition from the Eastman School of  Music (ooh la la!) and Alison has a master's degree in music theory and quit a doctoral program in music theory and cognition at McGill University, so they're well versed in the ins and outs of music school. They've both been students and professors, but each decided to leave the academic path years ago, and have been making it on their own in the rough world ever since.

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